Financial Health of Clayton

Q:  How is Clayton’s financial health?

As an alderman, I have advocated for our conservative fiscal strategy, acted to fuel vitality in our business districts, and helped to create our valuable private partner, the Clayton Century Foundation. I wanted to share with you a few facts about how things are going:

Our city is financially healthy:  Our hefty “rainy day fund” has helped us weather the recession and allowed for a thoughtful reduction plan that achieves the right balance between spending levels and quality of life. We are currently implementing a 3 year plan to balance the budget, which will leave us with a 50% reserve level–well above the state required level of 23%.

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Our businesses are growing: Sales tax revenue is up including restaurants, over the past 3 years We have added 2200 new jobs over the past 6 years, and our commercial real estate market  “has outperformed the other submarkets in St. Louis by a wide margin”.  Click here to read article. While no one likes to see vacancies in Clayton, you should know that some properties are purposefully being vacated in preparation for redevelopment.

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Our private partner is thriving: The Clayton Century Foundation is growing and investing in Clayton—nearly $2 million to date—with much more to come!

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Our home values are strong: Clayton’s home values have remained comparatively stable throughout the economic downturn and real estate sales are on the upswing. Clayton on the Park recently re-opened as residential rental units, and we’re looking forward to seeing additional residential rental projects in our downtown soon.

Clayton’s centennial is a testament to the city’s ability to survive, adapt, and grow.