Q:  Is being ‘Green’ still a priority in Clayton?

Yes! Our city has become known as a leader in the region for environmental sustainability initiatives. With the largest non-utility solar panel installation in Missouri, biking and walking paths, a smoking ban in public places, and a commitment to LEED certified building, we are positioned to continue being Green.

Q:  Is there more to sustainability than environmental practices?

Yes. There are 3 prongs to sustainability; environmental, financial and social. A green and sustainable city is a community of residents, neighbors, and businesses who strive together to balance ecological, economic and social needs to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for all members of society and for generations to come. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Triple Bottom Line’, the reality is that you can’t be successful in one area without achieving success in the other two.



Q: What am I doing to address the Triple Bottom Line?

As an alderman for the past seven years, I am keenly aware of the challenges that impact our financial, environmental and social sustainability.

  • I have supported legislation that supports environmental quality, from the no-smoking ordinance to solar panels and a reduced carbon footprint.  I also support active, walkable communities.
  • Regarding social sustainability, I continue to reach out to our award-winning school district, while passing progressive legislation that furthers quality for all gender relationships.
  • I helped develop and I support our current budget plan, which ensures our financial stability.
  • I have actively supported our businesses by starting a Buy Local movement.