The Buying Local Movement

Q:  What is the buying local movement?

With a growing awareness about the value of supporting the local economy, we aim to spend our dollars in Clayton and trigger a ripple effect:

  • keep our unique, one-of-a-kind businesses thriving
  • keep our local employees working and eating & shopping themselves in our city
  • showcase our local products to other potential shoppers
  • generate additional tax dollars for our city
  • help grow funds for basic city services, from street paving to public safety
  • support sustainability by shopping close to home & not using plastic shopping bags

Gathering friends and neighbors, we aim to create a groundswell of support  for local retailers and restaurateurs in the community where we live and work.

Read the Patch and the Clayton High School Globe articles.

Stay tuned to Michelle’s website for upcoming opportunities to go out with the Clayton Shoppers!