Value of Partnerships


Q: Given the economic downturn, what is the value of partnerships?

Clayton is fortunate to have outstanding institutions, businesses and residents.  We haven’t always relied on one another to achieve specific results.  Now is the time, because innovative partnerships can generate new initiatives that maximize community resources.

Q:  What am I doing to further partnerships?

I have already initiated a number of real efforts:

  •  An analysis of cost and services sharing between the City and the Clayton School District
  • Helped to launch the Clayton Century Foundation, a public-private partnership, generating nearly $2 million in private investment for community enhancements.  
  • Served as the Treasurer of the CRSWC (the Center of Clayton), touted as a national model for partnership that saves operating expenses for both the city and school district
  • Listened to more than 500 residents and business owners over the past 6 months to perspectives and new ideas

Q:   What more can be done?

I would view partnerships as a key strategy and will:

  • Create an Economic Roundtable, bringing together thought leaders, business leaders and representatives from our outstanding educational institutions, to increase our community’s vitality
  • Reach out to partners that can be catalysts for implementing our Downtown Master Plan